Market Manager

Applications due 1/30/22

The Market Manager will manage day-to-day operations of the Market; assist with community outreach, promotions, and fundraising; and generally implement the organization’s vision for the market, working with staff, customers, farmers, volunteers, and other stakeholders who play a key role in maintaining and expanding market activity.

The ideal candidate will possess a keen interest and/or experience in sustainable/local agriculture; excellent written and oral communication skills; demonstrated leadership skills; community connections; computer, electronic media and other related skills; strong organizational skills; creativity; commitment to the value of fresh, local food and community; and either the knowledge of farmers market management OR the ability to learn quickly.

The Market Manager will be responsible for oversight of routine farmers market operations, including, but not limited to:

Market Start-up Duties

  • Recruiting new vendors
  • Monitoring compliance with relevant regulations and codes
  • Securing necessary permits and licenses
  • Assigning stalls
  • Reviewing budget and maintaining records of market expenses and income
  • Making sure all vendor records are completed properly and maintained
  • Training, scheduling, and supervision of volunteer staff (most of this will be done by our Volunteer Coordinator if we retain one).

Daily Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Coordinating opening and closing of the market
  • Assisting at stalls when necessary
  • Putting up and taking down signs
  • Enforcing rules and regulations
  • Handling emergencies and complaints
  • Serving as quality control person for produce and craft items, as well as for the market’s general appearance and cleanliness
  • Handling food stamp transaction, email sign-up list, announcements, etc.
  • Keeping a daily market log
  • Holding vendor meetings as necessary
  • Ensuring proper submission of daily and monthly sales reports and deposits
  • Coordinating special promotions and special events with RVAg
  • Delivering top-notch service to customers and vendors and encouraging staff and volunteers to do the same

Communication and Networking Tasks

  • Representing the market in meetings with community members and producers
  • Developing a positive relationship with vendors
  • Educating and assisting vendors with merchandising, pricing and other marketing and business skills
  • Coordinating and encouraging volunteerism from sponsors and community groups
  • Building positive customer relations
  • Maintaining communications with city and county officials, the health department and others connected with the market
  • Following instructions from and maintain communications with senior staff
  • Working with RVAg and vendors to develop strategic plans

Promotion and Advertising Duties

  • Creating an annual calendar of events
  • Developing new promotional ideas
  • Arranging for media coverage and representing the market to the media
  • Assisting with the development of and working within an advertising budget
  • Reviewing logos and other marketing tools with a committee as necessary

Evaluation Duties

  • Conducting periodic surveys to assess customer opinions and satisfaction
  • Inviting, listening to, and using input from vendors and others to improve the market.
  • Leading in monitoring and, when necessary, revision of the market’s mission, goals, and strategies
  • Evaluating and improving the effectiveness of meetings and other team activities
  • Debriefing participants after meetings, workshops, and retreats

The Market Manager will attend meetings, conferences, and training opportunities relevant to market activities and cultivate relationships with market constituents and benefactors as approved by RVAg. The Market Manager will be trained in and familiar with GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and Best Practices for growing, handling, and distribution of all products sold at Market.

Contact Lisa Dearden of RVAgriculture to apply