Have you ever met someone who is just the perfect fit for their job?  That describes David Shalloway of C-ville Candy Company, who has been making small batch delectable candy for fifteen years.  His passion and genuine enthusiasm are as strong as ever and evident as soon as you meet him.  He describes his affinity for his craft by remarking, “I see the magic in candy and have a love of delighting others.  I want to provide them a memorable experience.”  He is clearly doing just that with his tasty creations!

The story of how David’s career evolved into candy production is an interesting one.  He possesses valuable mechanical skills and a keen eye for how to streamline production processes.  Both enabled him to serve an instrumental role in helping the tremendous growth of a start-up goat milk soap company.  He quickly found he was in his element mechanizing and automating processes, developing new product lines, and improving overall efficiency. The company thrived beyond any of their dreams.

Next, he proved to be a tremendous asset to a Charlottesville office supply manufacturing company, where he worked for 12 years.  Although he was initially hired to set up complex equipment, he quickly stepped into that process improvement role, strengthening staffing, equipment efficiency and productivity.  The position boosted his leadership and conflict management skills.  He also recognized the scope of his perseverance, stating, “I realized when you start a business you need the ability to take the first step versus working on a perfect plan.  Start, then stick to it.”

David missed numerous things about his work in the soap industry, from the creative outlet to the joy the products brought to their loyal customer base.  Since he had always been a good cook both casually and professionally, he began making a simple cashew brittle that delighted friends and family. He went to work fine-tuning his recipe with creative additions like orange blossom honey until he got that ‘wow’ reaction!

By 2005 he took on his first farmers market in Charlottesville with two brittles. He recalls a pivotal moment when a customer strolled by popping a sample in his mouth, “His back and neck straightened. He physically perked up, looked back and came back to the booth.” He knew he wanted to continue pursuing that reaction of pure joy. In 2015, he made the transition into full-time candy maker. Since his candy production was taking over his house, he and a qualified friend renovated a building on his property to become the C-Ville Candy Company factory!

What is it about David’s candy that produces that immediate remarkable reaction? He uses natural ingredients like honey, real vanilla, and chocolate, with no hydrogenated oils or corn syrup. He’s been able to incorporate locally roasted coffee, and Virginia honey and peanuts. David and his team make well-balanced small batches by hand every week to ensure freshness.  He explained the complexity behind his craft by stating, “There are a lot of fine details. The flavors have to come to the tongue at the right time.” David also credits the great team he has finally assembled, remarking, “All the staff feel the magic. The crew is my family.  I love every one of them and they’re as good as gold.”

It’s hard to believe in just six years how many places you can find C-Ville Candy Co products! For example, their specialty treats can be found in the RVAg Marketplace, gourmet grocery stores, the UVA bookstore and even Monticello!  He attributes their success to the high quality of their products and the staff’s customer service. 

David finds inspiration in partnerships with local businesses and special people in his life.  Some truly unique candy creations came out of partnering with Starr Hill Brewery, Devils Backbone Brewing Company, and Albemarle Ciderworks.  His coveted seasonal creations include his Fall pumpkin spice brittle and blackberry chocolate bats, Christmas peppermint barks, heart shaped nonpareils for Valentine’s Day, and even bunnies in cars wearing masks for Easter time!  A local friend, retired minister and candy making enthusiast inspired the “Freddie’s Favorite” treat. With big Texas pecans, chewy caramel and a dark or milk chocolate shell in a turtle-like creation, it’s bound to become your favorite! 

David Shalloway is committed to providing you with a wide array of high quality candies.  He is unrelenting in his quest to bring joy to others, stating, “I want to give people even more than what they expect.”  Any treat from C-ville Candy Company will make you pause and savor the pleasure that comes from a simple natural ingredient handmade candy.  Enjoy his unique take on the classics or try a scrumptious seasonal offering.  Take time to celebrate those special times in life, while supporting this talented local candy maker!