Greg Paul made a life-changing decision two years ago that couldn’t have worked out better for his family and the local community they serve!

Back in 2010, Greg took over the family home improvement business.  Though he took pride in his role and the success of the company, it was extremely demanding and depleted time and energy he had to give his wife and children.  By 2019, he knew he needed a change.  He and his parents decided to sell the business and Greg got to work fulfilling his dream at home on his Goochland farm.

Greg and Suzanne Paul bought their 48-acre property in Goochland 2015.  While Greg was managing the home improvement company and Suzanne was busy as a nurse practitioner, they did their best to grow vegetables and raise cattle, pigs, and chickens for food for their family.  Upon selling the business, Greg finally had the time to focus on expanding the family farm to sell wholesome, high quality food to their community.  He also committed to home schooling their four children!

Joel Salatin, the well-known outspoken farmer of Polyface Farms in Swoope, VA, served as an important mentor.  Since Greg similarly prioritized the health and happiness of his animals and the quality of their meat, he adopted many of Joel’s practices.  Greg ensured their animals could forage and graze on fresh pasture daily by utilizing a similar movable chicken pen and cattle pasture rotation system.  In fact, the cows inspired the Chicory Hill Farm name due to their visible distaste for mature hickory, which they leave behind when they are grazing the luscious hills of their property. 

The family farm couldn’t be more ideal for supplementing the kids’ education.  They are paid more than minimum wage for their farm duties, which clearly helps them learn money management skills and the value of hard work.  The oldest daughter is responsible for caring for the pigs and rabbits.  The middle two daughters help with processing chickens, sorting, and packing.  The youngest is doing what four year olds do best-trying to establish his independence!  The family also finally has more time to devote to a larger vegetable garden and lots of canning!

Greg and Suzanne expected to enjoy a gratifying slow growth as they eased into their role as a farming family, but COVID had other plans!  Greg remarked, “We are tickled with how things have gone.  As crazy a year as it’s been for the world, we are so grateful it’s been such a good year for our family.”  They are pleased with the demand from RVAg customers for their pastured chicken, beef, and pork and grateful for all of the online orders through their website.

The Paul family took on another big endeavor by moving their farm from Goochland to Powhatan in 2021.  They were embraced by the Powhatan community at the RVAg Powhatan Farmers Market. The community is so fortunate to have access to a local farm that gives their animals access to fresh air and pasture each day.  The way the Paul family raises their animals has such a significant impact on the quality, taste and tenderness of their products.  Greg describes their approach simply and effectively by remarking, “It’s real food, raised right.” Make Chicory Hill Farm your go-to farm for local poultry, pork and beef!