The Moyer family has been farming in Virginia for over 50 years.  Vernon Moyer is grateful to have such hard-working parents as his mentors and support system.  The family has historically grown food for livestock.  Approximately two years ago Vernon was energized by the idea of working with his family to grow some type of healthy food to share with the community.  With the help of his wife, children, and parents, they sowed 40 acres of beautiful sunflowers in 2019 in preparation to produce healthy, versatile sunflower oil.  Golden Harvest was born!  

Since the Moyers prioritize the health of their family and customers, they use a cold-pressed extraction method to remove the oil from the sunflower seeds naturally.  Their high oleic sunflower oil is rich in Omega-9 fatty acids and Vitamin E and additionally boasts a higher shelf life, fry life, and high smoke point than mid oleic and linoleic sunflower oils.  Vernon describes the benefits of his family’s oil in his own words: “There is joy in eating something that you know is a natural product with a traceable history.”

It’s been a challenging and rewarding journey to create the high oleic sunflower oil of Golden Harvest.  According to Vernon, “It’s meaningful to work and accomplish something together as a family and the kids get a taste of real work.  Growing with integrity helps us represent and praise the Lord.”  The Moyers enjoy using the product they’ve grown and processed together at home for cooking fresh fish and making sourdough bread; but Christina’s maple syrup granola might be their favorite treat!

Try some for yourself!  By purchasing their 25 oz or half gallon bottle, you’re supporting a local family farm and your health!  Give it to a loved one as a delightful, nutritious gift!