Producer Spotlight: Laura’s Botanicals

Laura Baum has an infectious sincere passion for her products and the power of herbalism.  It’s evident in her remark about her approach to helping the community: “The education and support come first, then the products.  My goal is to have a greater impact by teaching others how herbs can be used to help them get in charge of their health.”  She loves everything about the work behind Laura’s Botanicals, from growing herbs, creating high quality natural products, and providing support and guidance through her consultations and coaching as an herbalist.

Within Laura’s career, she has worked with youth with a broad spectrum of behavioral and emotional challenges. She has been a licensed childcare worker at the Weinstein JCC for seven years, serving children through their inclusion-based approach.  Three years ago she decided to take some personal autoimmune challenges into her own hands and delved whole heartedly into extensive research about what she put into and on her body.  Laura was immediately drawn to herbalism.  She viewed it as the perfect fit for her energetic optimistic disposition and her belief in the restorative power of nature and plants.

Laura began making her own small batch botanical infused products with an herbal oil foundation that incorporates local herbs and beeswax.  She described her initial creations by stating, “They were my saving grace.  I love producing my own goods with ingredients that are close to me.”  In fact, she grows many of the herbs in her products, favoring native varieties.  She prioritizes the use of ingredients from local sustainable organic growers.  One of her current best-sellers is her Stay Rooted Anti-Tension Herbal Body Oil.  It’s a great introduction to her products with its earthy natural smell and soothing effect on the mind and body. The rose water mist is in high demand too due to its ability to calm and hydrate irritated skin. Her full line includes bath bombs, face serums, hand moisturizers, lip balms, and more!

Laura continued to devote herself to working with children but carved out time to become an herbalist.  She is now a true wealth of knowledge about the health-giving power of plants! She is committed to helping others become knowledgeable about the benefits of herbs and even to grow their own!   She founded the Richmond Herbalism Guild and facilitates a popular Community Facebook group of customers who share tips and support.  She provides consultations that include an extensive health assessment and a personalized plant plan, as well as ongoing monthly support services.  There is irrefutable value in making time for self-care and customers report that Lauras Botanicals products are self-soothing, nurturing, and rejuvenating.

Laura is in an exciting time of growth as demand for her online herbalism health coaching increases.  She described her supportive approach by stating, “When explaining the value of my products, I tell them it’s not indulgence, it’s a need.  My role is to put their health in their own hands and to promote self-determination. I take a holistic approach and I love building people up.” What continues to inspire Laura is the plants themselves and how they keep her grounded and connected to nature.  She also possesses a remarkable enthusiasm for bringing the community together in nature to reap all of its natural holistic benefits, remarking, “Nature provides us a place to reflect and gather.”

When you enjoy a product from Laura’s Botanicals, you can feel good about making time for yourself, supporting a local producer, and using a natural source of restoration and rejuvenation for your skin!