During this hectic time of uncertainty, it’s good to take time for yourself and listen to the needs of your mind and body.  Ben and Eunice Clark of Chelsea Knoll aspire to support you in this quest with their Glow Holistic products!

A few years ago, Ben was juggling demanding shift work with parenting two young children with his wife.  He battled frequent migraines.  Prescription medication helped to a certain extent but he never felt comfortable with the idea.  Ben was introduced to CBD through cannabis farming friends of the family in North Carolina.  He recalls, “I didn’t realize I could get relief from a plant versus a doctor. The CBD took the headaches away.”  The personal benefits he derived and the farming lifestyle inspired the couple to help others.

Ben and Eunice set off to learn all they could through visits to other cannabis farms, reading and research, and good ol’ trial and error.  By May of 2018 they established an effective farming system and launched their first Glow Holistic CBD products.  They pride themselves on their respect of the land and their plants, which leads to a high quality product to customers.  They keep their plants healthy through a no-till, cover crop system that impressively relies on their own homemade compost.  They grow on 1.5 acres outside and within two large heated high tunnels.

They knew it was a priority to reach customers through farmers markets.  Ben described their love of this venue by stating, “Farmers markets are great for connecting buyers with producers.  It’s an intimate experience really, as we love talking to customers, answering their questions, and holding their hands in the process of learning more about CBD.”  A good portion of their customers have never tried any type of CBD product.  They enjoy introducing the potential benefits and dispelling common myths.  They often bring a cannabis plant along to market to facilitate these conversations.

In addition to farmers markets, Ben and Eunice sell their products throughout their community in pharmacies, cafes, salons, and natural whole food stores. The positive feedback they receive from customers makes it all worthwhile.  It additionally reinforces their decision to shift gears in their careers.  Ben left the grinding shift work and thrives on working outside, connecting with customers, and growing a product for them that he believes in.  Eunice has a long history of teaching in private schools in Williamsburg and recently reduced her teaching hours within the Math Department of CNU.  She is somehow completing her second Masters Degree in Data Sciences (following her first in Mathematics) while operating Chelsea Knoll Farm.  Her strengths in Math, Education, and Marketing certainly serve them well as business owners! 

Customers report therapeutic benefits from carving out time for baths with Glow Bath Bombs and Glow Goats Milk Soap with calming scents like lavender and cinnamon.  These relaxation-promoting products contain hemp extract, coconut oil, and Vitamin E.  Their Glow Healing Cream and Roll On incorporate soothing eucalyptus, wintergreen, and cypress oils along with hemp extract.  Their ingestible CBD products include gummies, tinctures and even dog supplements.  Customers using their topical and edible products report a variety of benefits such as a decrease in stress and anxiety, improved sleep, and pain relief.  Ben and Eunice are happy to field any of your questions and they encourage you to carve out some “me time” to experience the benefits of Glow Holistic products for yourself!