The mother-daughter team of Clover Top Creamery have certainly found their calling and the result is high quality scrumptious goat cheese for you to enjoy!

Hillary Horn had a long rewarding career in the culinary arts including intensive training in France and operating several successful businesses in the field.  Her daughter Madison pursued her love of animals and science by focusing on animal husbandry at local farms in Charlottesville and serving as a veterinary technician.

In 2016 they fell in love with their first LaMancha doe “Dot” and combined their passions and skills to begin making goat cheese.  They toured countless creameries and Madison took advanced courses in cheesemaking from top artisans in the country.  Dot got some company through the addition of numerous LaMancha and Alpine goats and soon breeding commenced on the farm.  The final stage was transforming the hay shed into a solar-powered creamery.    

Clover Top Creamery is now three years old.  Madison’s wife Sasha joined the crew as Farm Manager and Madison’s sister Abigail completed training to become a Cheese Maker.  This talented team offers a delicious variety of fresh and aged goat cheeses including uniquely flavored chèvre like Lemon Blueberry Basil and Fig Maple.  Their Spicy Honey Crunch Roll features their classic chèvre rolled in crushed almonds and drizzled in honey with a sriracha kick!

When asked the key to their delicious goat cheese, Hillary stated, “The milk travels less than 50 feet to be turned into cheese.  We don’t aim to be the biggest; we aim to be the best.”  She’s proud of their product and the health and quality of life of their goats, who enjoy grazing and playing on 7 acres of pasture.

They miss the face-to-face interaction of the farmers markets, restaurants, and the store and tours at their farm but Hillary gratefully states, “The online markets have saved our lives. I think people understand more about where their food comes from and appreciate what’s grown locally during a situation like this.”  You can support this farm, your health and your tastebuds through ordering their delicious, versatile goat cheese!