Six years ago Navy veteran Jaime Fox set out on a six-month journey hiking over 2000 miles of the Appalachian Trail.  He knew he needed a break from the rat race and time to determine how he could slow down and simplify his life.  It was during this expedition that he was inspired to become a beekeeper.

Upon his return he ambitiously delved into self-study, networking, and assembling supplies.  Upon successfully making it through his first winter with one hive, he realized he had discovered a true passion.  His hive count increased to five and he started One Hive Farm to share his bounty of honey with the community.

Like many successful beekeepers, Jaime trusts the bees to know best about how to take care of themselves.  He supports them to protect their health and safety with as little interference as possible.  The honey he extracts is a welcome byproduct of his beekeeping but his interest clearly comes from a true fascination and admiration for bees.  He states, “Every hive acts and smells differently.  Each jar of honey tastes differently.  Each frame of honey is a snapshot in time of nectar that was gathered that particular day.”

In 2019 Jaime, his Navy Veteran wife, and their young son set out for another journey! They moved with their five hives out to Powhatan to give their bees and family ample land and access to wildflowers and vegetable, fruit and herb gardens.

They typically use their beloved honey in tea and coffee and to glaze chicken and ham.  One Hive Farm customers like its antimicrobial and antiseptic properties and many take a tasty spoonful daily.  They appreciate its versatile uses in cooking and baking. 

Jaime now produces honey from a total of 12 hives as he tends some at a friend’s house in Midlothian.  He sells honey in a variety of sizes and offers a deliciously spreadable creamed honey.  He also produces beeswax candles he describes as burning longer, brighter, and cleaner.

Wouldn’t you like to experience the unique snapshot in time in a jar of his honey and get a boost of local healthy goodness?