Nani Smith has been eating kombucha and fermented foods her whole life.  She grew up in South Korea and immigrated to California with her family about forty years ago.  She learned much of what she knows about making these health-promoting natural foods from her mother.  Upon the growing demand for her fermented products and encouragement from her friends and clients, she started SoulSmith Kombucha in 2018. 

Sharing kombucha and kimchi was the natural next step in Nani’s journey to holistically improve the health of her community.  She has taught yoga and meditation for almost 30 years and possesses a second degree black belt in Taekwondo.  She has countless followers who find her teaching and lifestyle inspiring and transforming.  Nani reminds her clients, “There are no shortcuts or quick fixes to our health.  It’s a lifelong process that involves taking care of ourselves daily.  Eating natural healthy food changes your body and mind.”  Some local gyms even carry SoulSmith kombucha since they see it as a perfect complement to their health and wellness services.

Nani trusts the ancient wisdom and well-documented health benefits associated with the probiotics in fermented beverages and foods.  She’s frustrated by the prevalent use of preservatives and synthetic chemicals in so many foods.   She believes her kombucha and kimchi can help users re-balance their lives, naturally boost their mental and physical health and especially improve their gut health.

Positive feedback keeps rolling in from her clients including many reporting relief from long-standing gastrointestinal problems.  One described her experience by stating, “One sip, and it was energy giving!   We have to have SoulSmith every week.  It is made with love locally and you can taste it!”  Others have reported a decrease in cravings and improved weight loss upon adding kombucha to their healthy lifestyle.  It’s a great nutritious alternative to soda as it provides a little fizz with a natural sweetness. 

The red ginseng kombucha of SoulSmith is very popular for its holistic health benefits and high quality ginseng, but Nani offers a variety of tempting tasty natural flavors such as blueberry ginger, lemon ginger, mixed berry, tangerine, and cranberry.  She also makes traditional kimchi and turmeric-rich fermented radishes.  Her versatile kimchi sauce combines moderately hot peppers, fresh ginger, garlic, onion and her signature kombucha.  She recommends enjoying it on eggs, hummus, and stir fry dishes or mixing it with olive or avocado oil for dipping your favorite sourdough bread!

Nani feels blessed to teach yoga and meditation and to now additionally support her customers’ quality of life with her fermented products.  If you haven’t experienced the delicious taste and health benefits of kombucha or kimchi, now is the time!  Even if you have, it’s still the time as customers say it’s a holistic natural game changer!