LaQueta Barnes knew her toddler needed relief from dry itchy skin that persisted no matter what she tried.  Many products had harsh, unpronounceable chemicals while others had to be reapplied often with only limited success.  So she set off to make her own! The shea butter, coconut, olive, and argan oil-based moisturizer she developed provided moisture all day long and welcome relief from irritated itchy skin.  Soon this homemade product became a hit with family and friends who consistently told LaQueta she should share it on a larger scale.

It took some time as LaQueta and her husband Corey have demanding full time jobs, two children (now aged four and seven), as well as volunteer commitments to serving their Church, community, and children’s schools and sports.  September will mark one year that Scoring Big Creations began selling their simple, pure, natural ingredient moisturizing products to the community!  The name was inspired by their love of athletics and the values that team sports can instill.

LaQueta built upon her knowledge and success from her original whipped body butter and created a beard balm, brown sugar body scrub, and honey lip scrub.  Customers consistently report they love how her products supply moisture all day without feeling heavy.  LaQueta adds, “I need effective moisturizing of my knees and elbows from crawling around with the boys all day!  You can really slather it on for touchable, smooth skin.  Plus, there is comfort for customers in knowing the ingredients you are using on your family are safe.”  Customers like that they are familiar with ALL the ingredients.  The body scrub is essentially a home-based spa treatment, which we could all use these days!  Beard balm fans appreciate the ability of the product to tame their beards with a natural source of moisturizer that smells subtle and clean.

Somehow with all of their parenting, work, and community responsibilities LaQueta and Corey make time for a blog!  They are accomplishing their goal of sharing their family experiences and tips and ideas with others.  LaQueta states, “We wanted to shine light in some darkness and help others to know they are not alone.” Moving from Atlanta to a quieter life in Goochland sparked an interest in LaQueta to keep a garden to help her boys understand and appreciate where food comes from. Corey has been passionate about photography since his first journalism class in highschool.  Check out his collection of postcards on their website.  He loves capturing the beauty of nature and wildlife, as well as events and activities in the community that evoke emotion and reflection. 

LaQueta is clearly filled with gratitude that her perseverance led to local families benefitting from her products, stating, “We provide simple, good, pure products.  I’ve been so pleasantly surprised that people really care what they put on their body.”  You can feel good about supporting your skin health as well as the Barnes family when you add their balm, butter and scrubs to your cart.  It’s also a critical time to be proactive in your support of black-owned businesses like Scoring Big Creations!