Julie Kogut has a sincere love for handmade natural soap.  She describes her passion as an obsession and her enthusiasm is completely infectious!  She has pursued her interest in making soap, perfecting recipes and processes, for six years. Prior to embarking on her quest for the best all-natural vegan soap, Julie worked in a dramatically different field.

Julie was living with her husband Jeff in busy Northern Virginia (NOVA).  She served as a Program Manager in the corporate sector. While it suited her self-proclaimed Type A personality for some time, she came to a point where a significant lifestyle change was imperative.  She left the corporate world and within six months began to sell her beloved handmade soaps on her self-created website.

The name of the company, Sing-Along Soap, was a natural choice.  Julie and Jeff are impassioned proponents of singing in the shower!  They can attest to the spiritual, mental and physical benefits and well, it’s just plain fun!  In fact, each soap is named after a song, like her charcoal based “Blackbird” soap, “Tuff Enuff” shaving soap, and dog shampoo bar aptly named “Hound Dog.” Jeff is quite the musician and they both love to sing his renditions of the songs behind the soaps!  

From the start, Julie was very selective about the ingredients in her products.  She wanted a soap for EVERYONE!  Therefore, she uses all natural, plant-based ingredients and only essential oils for added scent.  She prioritizes the use of eco-friendly ingredients and excludes palm oil (a common soap ingredient) due to environmental concerns related to harvesting.

Three years ago, Julie and Jeff left bustling NOVA for a peaceful 12.5-acreage property in Rockville, Virginia.  In many ways she had to start over to find a new customer base, but her soap was quickly a hit at local farmers markets.  She has received glowing reviews from customers with acne-prone skin who love her charcoal based series, as well as pet owners who sing the praises of her dog shampoo bar.  Most customers purchase a variety so they can choose among scents that match their moods and needs.  The sandalwood scent of “Dream On” and the lavender in “Purple Haze” are warming and soothing.  The spearmint-rich “Good Vibrations” and citrus scent of “New Sensation” are energizing in a morning shower or after a workout.

Dedicated thought and care are put into each Sing-Along Soap bar.  Julie is a one-woman show and she loves every aspect of the creation process.  Her soap creations are often based on customers’ spirited requests such as her menthol shaving soap, “Cold As Ice.” This shaving puck can be used by men and women alike.  It softens and lathers for a comfortable shave and provides an invigorating mint-eucalyptus scent.  Another customer inspired creation is her “Shining Star” shampoo and body bar soap.  It’s unique with its appealing mint-lavender pairing and appreciated by outdoor enthusiasts and the environmentally conscious. 

Sing-Along Soaps are beautifully and lovingly crafted with simple, natural ingredients.  Shop among Julie Kogut’s impressive variety to find the right fit for you.  Each one will make you want to linger in the shower, singing one more tune!