Not every couple can successfully work together, but Crystal and Kevin of The Freckled Farm Soap Company are a perfect fit.  Crystal describes it this way: “We do better when we’re together.  We both thrive.  He creates the signature recipes with his science and tech brain and I get to be visually creative.” 
Crystal is a photographer and taught Art at Goochland High School.  Kevin’s career was in the home technology field.  Neither grew up on a farm but Crystal always wanted goats, especially Nubians with their long soft ears and sociable disposition.  Kevin shared her interest in their lovable antics, as well as the idea of farm life.  With busy careers, they resigned themselves to postponing the dream for retirement and even tried their hand at living in the busy city of Philadelphia.  They left after one year to return to the considerably less busy city of Richmond, but country life kept calling!  Finally in 2008 they bought a capecod with 3 acres in Goochland and embarked on an incredible journey! 
When Crystal and Kevin decide upon a goal, they fully commit and delve in with all they’ve got!  The first thing they did to prepare for a goat farm was to tour local farms and obtain the best possible mentors in Don and Carol Baker, whom they met with weekly for two years!  They started with 5 Nubian goats and connected with a phenomenal large animal veterinarian, Dr. Melinda McCall, who quickly became a critical source of support, guidance, and friendship.  Crystal described their approach by stating, “We built a community that taught us how to have a healthy herd.  They took us under their wing and gave us confidence as I am hypervigilant about the care of our goats.  Now I pay it forward.”
Crystal and Kevin have been meticulous in their goat milk product development.  They worked on their first goat milk soap for over a year, making thousands of bars before finalizing their recipe.  They spend months researching and testing each new product they release.  They started with goat milk bar soap and quickly expanded their product line to include goat milk lotions and laundry soap, as well as essential oil rollers and beeswax candles.  
Crystal emphasized their consistent focus on the environment by stating, “We must think about everything that goes down the drain.  We are careful about how we source material and only work with certified sustainable organic sources.”  With the high fat content from the goat milk and no sulfates, their products are truly hydrating with no adverse effects on the water system.
They now offer 20 varieties of soaps! Their popular Cleopatra has warm scents of frankincense and myrrh. The Lemongrass Green Tea is refreshing and inviting while the crisp aroma of the Peppermint Eucalyptus will perk you up. With other scents like Virginia Cedar and Sunrise Citrus everyone can find a favorite or two or three! The Fall goat milk product line with orange spice and clove essential oils is going quickly and a turmeric goat milk soap will be coming soon!
Crystal and Kevin left their full-time jobs to fully devote themselves to farming life with their now 11 year old son (a budding ornithologist) and 8 year old daughter (who aspires to be a large animal vet).  Their Celtic names mean “freckled,” hence inspiring the name of the farm. Now up to six acres, they provide an ideal home of rotating pastures and woods for their 16 Nubian goats.  Upon reflecting on their life that was initially a retirement dream, Crystal states, “I’m proud of the farm and the beautiful healthy herd. We just keep putting one foot in front of the other.  It feels good to offer something that’s better for the environment.  We supply the best product possible with the least environmental impact.”
The Freckled Farm Soap Company Gift Sets are a wonderful way to experience their products.  Give this special, all natural gift to yourself or a loved one and appreciate the labor of love, conscientiousness and gratitude behind each product!