It’s inspiring and uplifting to meet people who have found a career that is truly a great fit for their passions, personality, and skills.  Chef Kyle Morse is one of those people and he’s currently in such an exciting time within his career in the culinary arts.  Fortunately, we get to share in the benefits of his success!
After graduating from Ball State University and the Culinary Institute of America, Kyle gained over ten years of experience cooking in New York City.  This journey included everything from serving as a personal chef to celebrity families to becoming the head butcher of the Michelin Star restaurant, the Breslin.  Kyle described this latter position as a turning point in his career, stating, “It’s amazing how certain jobs shaped the cook I am now. The Executive Chef at the Breslin trusted me early on.  He was always building up the staff’s strengths.” He thrived under management that granted him creative freedom.  The confidence and advanced butchery skills he gained led him to the next bold step in his career.  
In 2018 Kyle moved to Richmond with his wife who had secured a professorship in Dance And Media Technology at VCU.  Three months prior to the move they had a son who they gave the middle name of Mayor (just like Kyle and his Father) to honor his paternal grandmother, Doris Mayor Morse.  Kyle fondly described Doris by remarking, “She was the sweet small-town woman who baked pies for all the children in her neighborhood. She and my grandfather were self-sufficient, tapping their own maple trees and raising goats.” While being full-time Dad for a year he formulated a plan to establish his own business of small batch hand-crafted sausages, fittingly called “The Mayor.”
He found the right source for local heritage pigs in Autumn Olive Farms, where they raise their animals in a natural environment, prioritizing their health and quality of life. Kyle also works with smaller local pig farms to create sausages for special community events. He loves supporting local growers like Liberty Tree Farm, who provide the peppers for his popular jalapeno cheddar sausage.
Richmond has proven to be such a welcoming community who appreciates his farm fresh cuisine and commitment to using all parts of humanely raised animals.  Farmers Market customers like having access to local, sustainable high-end sausage from this accomplished butcher and chef.  Local restaurants, breweries, and cideries have embraced his high-quality line of sausages as he frequently partners with them for fun pop-up events.
The Mayor offers a good variety of sausages including fennel garlic and bratwurst.  The seasons inspire Kyle to take on special creations like his Summer Jalapeno Cheddar and his Fall Broccoli Raab Swiss.  Sometimes his travels or family traditions spark new ideas like his Red Eye, Steak and Cheese, Thai Curry, and Linguica (smoked Portugese sausage)! He’s currently exploring a Vegan option so everyone in the family can find a favorite!
Come meet Kyle and pick up some of his small batch hand crafted sausages at the RVAg Urban Farmhouse-Midlothian Farmers Market.  He delivers to the Midlothian and Downtown Richmond locations through RVAg Marketplace!